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After a decades-long detour in high tech, Deborah Bouchette returned to the arts in the late 90’s and now is pursuing a doctorate in the philosophy of visual art while painting, drawing, and playing in conceptual space. Her works often layer images of fractionated energies (such as sound or seismology) transecting ethical issues, as expressed with edges, boundaries, and contrasts. But sometimes she just draws an apple. She has shown internationally.
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In 2016, Deborah was diagnosed with metastatic (stage IV) cancer, and put her dissertation and most of her artwork on hold. Two years later, through the industry and care of a team comprising family, friends, educators, musicians, dance instructors, gallerists, a totally awesome “angel network,” and a superlative oncologist plus her team (working with a first-class hospital plus its first-class staff), she began to restart her life and dive into her passions again. Deborah is married to Bill "Prune" Wickart.  They live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, U.S.A., but value deeply having friends all over the world. Practice infinite forgiveness.